Do You Require Basement Improvements?

What Our Carpenters Do For You

Flooring, Walls, & Ceilings

Do you have the time to work on your basement floors, walls, or ceilings? Who Does? This is why our carpenters are here to help you with any small/large project that you may have in mind. These projects may include adding flooring, walls, and ceilings in your basement that are due for a repair. Having these repairs done will keep your home looking new and avoid any future problems your home may have in it’s flooring, walls, or ceilings, such as water damage or harmful mold.

Built-In Storage & Cabinets

These are always great eye catchers and add to your property value. As you can see below, custom built-in storage is available. Adding built-in storage to your home allows you to have more storage and added curb appeal to your home

Add a Den, T. V. Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, or Playroom

Adding another room is always a wise decision, especially in your home’s basement. Enjoy the full use of your home by adding a room or just adding more storage in your basement.

What To Consider?

We have your solution! Carpenter Today is here to help you with fresh ideas for your basement. Just Schedule Today or Call to schedule your FREE quote today at 717.312.4372! When remodeling your basement our carpenters can suggest enlarging your living space (based upon your home evaluation), try lowering the floor, opening the ceiling or expanding out with box-bay windows (if accessible). According to a current government survey, adding a basement room can be a wise decision, with an 81% return on investment.