Is Your Attic Old or Smelly?

Are You tried of of that leaking, smelly, or drafty attic? You could use a change in your home that adds to your homes overall value and establish your home as a energy efficient home.

Carpenter Today offers various options for you attic space depending on your needs.

Add Flooring & Storage

Our Carpenters can add custom flooring and storage to your attic, a project you may never have thought a carpenter could perform.

Ventilation Installation

Our Carpenters can install skylights and other ventilation in your home. This type of project brings new light into your home that may remove trapped heat in your attic.

Pull Down Stairs

Carpenter Today has installed various types of stairs that are moveable and non-movable which will even utilize unused space in your attic.

Insulate Attic Stairs

This is energy saving insulation that is great for large and small openings in your attic. This type of installation keeps heat in and saves on your heating needs during the winter.

Are you interested in improving your attic space? Call 717.312.4372 TODAY or schedule an appointment online.